Science Challenges

Plasma self-organization

  • What are the driving mechanisms between plasma self-organization and filamentary plasma formation and dynamics at and on complex interfaces?
  • How do complex interfaces impact, control and guide these phenomena?
  • What control mechanisms can be applied to assure homogeneous interactions or to stimulate localized pattern-based interactions?

Species transport and control

  • Can we accurately model, measure and control species transport to and into complex interfaces?
  • How does the enhanced coupling between plasma and liquid or a nanostructured solid phase alter near-interfacial transport compared to smooth solid interfaces?

Surface processes

  • How do plasma-produced species and electric fields impact surface structure and composition, and what is the feedback to the plasma?
  • What are the underpinning mechanisms?
  • Can plasma-generated species promote specific surface reactions on complex surfaces?
  • How can these reactions be controlled?